2015: The Year of the Tooth

Wow,it feels so good to be back. I am so sorry I haven’t kept in touch in a while.A lot of good things have been happening,which made it a bit difficult for me to put my thoughts to to the keyboard(sorry, paper). Thankfully,I have been able to adjust in time.
So, for my 1st blog for 2015: hmmmmm, let’s see. Yes,yesterday on The Dental Show with Dr. Smyls on Cool FM kano, I started a series on Dental Fillings and why dental fillings fail. So, we will start this month’s blog with an indepth look of what I discussed on The Dental Show.
What are dental fillings? Why bother filling your tooth instead of just getting rid of it? Will the filling last forever? Why does my sister keep going back to her dentist every few months to refill her tooth? I don’t think I will have time for the stress of refilling the same tooth? These are a few of the questions I have encountered in my career with regards to fillings. These concerns are real and very understandable.
So, here goes……..
First of all,(no, not ‘introduction’ as in the Olamide song)what are dental fillings? Dental fillings are materials (cements, or metals) that are placed in a tooth by a dental professional to restore a damaged tooth’s function and appearance (aesthetics). Damage could be caused by a crack, an accident, tooth decay or discoloration.
Dental fillings help to preserve the tooth or change its appearance, thereby preventing tooth loss or enhancing its beauty. There are several types of fillings in modern dentistry and they can be classified based on the material used, location of the tooth to be filled, or purpose of the filling. Hence, a filling can either be tooth-colored or non-tooth colored; anterior (front teeth e.g incisors) or posterior (back teeth e.g molars); temporary or permanent.
We will get to this in my next blog!!See you then.

…..Dr. Smyls