Brushing in the office?

This month has been a short but exciting one for the Smile Shop team. Aside from our normal clinical work, we have been very active with the 100,000 Smiles Project. This month we kicked off our corporate dental outreaches for 2015. Believe me, it has not been easy having to assemble at the banks by 7am twice a week, but the time is worth it……every time.
In our own little way, we are helping professionals and business executives get better exposed to dental health and effective oral hygiene. This ordinarily is near impossible considering their busy schedules working 7 to 7 (or 9pm sometimes). The response from the staff of these corporate organizations can be seen in their eagerness in learning the right brushing techniques, considering the fact that many people above 30 years have never really brushed the right way and the enthusiastic barrage of questions after every session.
By far, the funniest moment this month was this incident that happened in the orange bank (no prize for guessing the name). I was giving the staff a trick to help them brush after breakfast. This is normally a hard task considering the fact that they have to be in the office before 7:30am. How many Nigerian bankers are able to eat breakfast before coming to work? Not many. So, while sharing this tip with them, there were giggles going round and i almost felt lost until I asked what the matter was. And someone volunteered that it was just the thought of having an office toothbrush and paste in their drawers which also contain official papers, most of which are require auditing periodically. I got in on the joke and suggested they could have their set of toothbrush and paste in their bags or a portable holder instead. But, the bottom line was that: brushing in the office after breakfast was the best bet they had to maintaining fresh breath all day and smiling without inhibitions to their customers (especially the Customer Relations Officers).
I am so looking forward to next month. More banks, more smiles and happier customers.