The 100,000 Smile Project

The 100,000 Smiles Project is an innovative initiative designed to provide dental health education, improve oral health awareness and access to quality dental services in rural communities. Currently, the project is based in Kano with impact mainly in North-Western Nigeria.

Our mission is to improve access to dental healthcare through community dental education, promotion of modern oral hygiene methods and provision of free dental checkups and treatment in under-served communities.


In its Assembly report for 2006, the World Health Organization stated that about 90% of the world’s population is affected by oral disease (especially tooth decay).

In developing countries where less than 10% of the national budget is allocated to healthcare (compared to 15% as advocated for by the United Nations), less than 40% of the population has access to quality and affordable healthcare. There is also the challenge of underfunded or underequipped healthcare delivery systems and facilities in these countries, coupled with an increasing population. Most of the primary healthcare facilities lack the needed dental health professionals or equipment.

PREVENTION remains the 1st-line solution to this challenge. Through our programs, prevention is through dental health education/awareness, early detection of oral disease through dental checkups and access to affordable healthcare to stem oral disease progression.


SCHOOLS’ DENTAL PROGRAM including visits to private and public schools to educate children on good dental habits and diet. Also includes distribution of dental educational comics/book series, free dental checkup and provision of dental treatment with the help of our partner dental clinics.

RADIO DENTAL PROGRAM. This program airs weekly on Cool FM Kano reaching a potential 4 million people in about 5 states and several communities in Northern Nigeria. Through this program, people in both rural and urban communities are educated on various aspects of dental health and oral hygiene, as well as exposing them to current trends in dental healthcare delivery.

RURAL DENTAL OUTREACH to rural communities providing dental education, free dental checkup and dental treatment.


Within the last two years, over 8,000 children have participated in our programs through 23 schools in North-Western Nigeria. We have also published and distributed over 7,000 copies of our innovative children dental education series (Toothie & Friends) in over 3 states within Nigeria.

Through our rural dental outreach programs in Kano and Lagos, over 1,000 people have benefitted from free dental checkup, and distribution of dental accessories for good oral hygiene.

The radio dental program has aired over 100 episodes with the support of our media partners (Cool FM Kano) reaching several communities in North-Western Nigeria (including Kano, Jigawa, Katsina, Bauchi and Kaduna) with an average of 3 million people impacted every week. This program airs mainly in English, but has featured episodes in the prevalent Hausa dialect and pidgin English.


Since inception we have received tremendous support from The Smile Shop, The Tony Elumelu Foundation, The Future Nigeria Project/ Red Media Africa, The Oral Health Ambassador (for Kwara state) and former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria Mrs. Sarah Alade CON, The Federal Ministry of Health, The Kano State Ministry of Education and our media partners Cool FM Kano.

For more information on how you can participate or support our programs this year, kindly send a mail to:

or call 08071507278


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